Hidden Love
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 Kasey/Cassidy's oppinions 

This is me and my friend Cassidy's arguement about if Meilin and Syaoran should be together.
Okay what i'm trying to prove is why meilin is better the sakura sorry i made her look so bad I'll add the good things about her soon

kasey:ok first of all Meilin and Syoaran just look so kawaii together
Kasey:well Meilin is a better match for Syaoran/she is smart,perfect in almost all her classes,she has great fighting skills,even without magic she is a big help with captoring cards,and she would gladly do anything for Syaoron she is completely devoted to him
Kasey:its not unheard of
kasey:come on do you think that really matters
kasey: don't you think Tomoyo and Sakura make a cuter couple then Syoaran and sakura

cassidy:so do sakura and syaoran
cassidy:ok sakura may be a little clumsy,and may not be top in her classes but you can't hold that agianst her
Cassidy:They're cousins
cassidy:but sakura and syaoran both have magical powers
cassidy:for once i have to agree with you


Thanks for Your help Cassidy